Release YAP 0.8.1 introduces minor feature enhancements, provides an evaluation package (also available as a Docker setup), and contains a number of bug fixes.

Minor feature Enhancements:

  • Controller Synthesis: Added several settings to control various parameters in the generated stochastic models.

Supplementary material:

Bug fixes:

  • Controller Synthesis: Improved expression handling, corrected synthesis of event predicates from factor dependencies.
  • Miscellaneous: Improved model syntax debugging, somes fixes in the interaction between Emacs yap-mode and the command-line tool.


  • Parts of the tool have been further extended and refactored.
  • Please, note that at this stage in development, I will not be able to maintain full downward compatibility with older model files and the command-line and logging interfaces. The current manual is out of date. I will do my best to improve the documentation.