• Intermission

    Although I’ve been working steadily on the enhancement of YAP, in the past two years, I wanted to focus on designing and delivering several brand-new course and seminar modules on Hybrid Systems and Program Synthesis. Some of my capacity has been taken by writing applications for this and that. Perhaps surprisingly, there are certain limits to what a one-person show can deliver within a finite amount time… ;) But: Stay tuned!

  • YAP 0.8.1 released

    Release YAP 0.8.1 introduces minor feature enhancements, provides an evaluation package (also available as a Docker setup), and contains a number of bug fixes.

  • YAP 0.8 released

    Release YAP 0.8 contains new features and feature enhancements.

  • YAP 0.7.2 released

    Release YAP 0.7.2 contains minor feature enhancements.

  • YAP 0.7.1 released

    Release YAP 0.7.1 contains minor feature enhancements, improvements, and further example files.

  • YAP 0.7 released

    Release YAP 0.7 contains new features and several improvements.

  • Bug fix for 0.6.2

    A revision of Yap’s CLI has caused exceptions when using Yap’s simulation facility with --simulate. This has been fixed in the 0.6.2+20210111 packages.

  • YAP 0.6.2 released

    This is a more formal release to provide easy access to the supporting materials of our ICCECS’20 paper. YAP 0.6.2 contains …

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